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Depending on the client, metal fabricators can provide various custom-made metal parts. The services are usually performed out of specialized shops. They may work in manufacturing, consumer goods, aerospace, or medical industries.

What is the difference between a fabricator and a manufacturer?

Metal fabrication is a complex process that requires the expertise of skilled workers. It involves the cutting, welding, and assembling of metal pieces. In some cases, it entails the use of rivets and threaded fasteners.

These fabricators are usually employed by manufacturing companies. They are also involved in the automotive industry. Among the services they provide are engine attachments, vehicle trim, and structural supports.

Metal fabrication is an important component of the automobile and aerospace industries. It is used to produce structural supports, bridge skeletons, and heavy machinery components. Some metal fabricators have received training at trade schools.

To ensure safety in the workplace, metal fabricators must wear the appropriate protective clothing and equipment. They should also keep their workspace clean. Other safety measures include safety goggles and heavy boots.

Many fabricators have on-the-job training or certification. Those who are certified often have the advantage over non-certified workers.

The fabrication industry is growing as new technologies and equipment are introduced. The industry is also learning how to manage capacity while maintaining a steady capital base. As technology continues to improve, the industry is expected to grow even further in the next few years.

There are many types of raw materials used in metal fabrication. Some standard materials used by the industry include formed metal, sheet metal, tube stock, welding rod, and fittings.

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