Bounce House Rentals Long Island


Bounce house Rentals Long Island are a great way for kids to spend their energy and burn off some of that extra sugar from cake and other snacks at a birthday party. These inflatables offer a more fun and safer alternative to jumping on a trampoline. They can have features like a waterslide and climbing walls. It’s best to rent these for outdoor parties in places that have a flat surface and are within reach of a water supply.

Do you need a permit for a bounce house in New York?

Most bounce house rentals cost between $30 and $50 per hour to rent and include delivery, setup, and pick-up. These prices can vary depending on the size of the bounce house and how long you want to keep it. For example, a large bounce house that can fit up to 10 children at a time is more expensive than a small bounce house. Some companies also charge an additional fee if you need help setting up and taking down the bounce house.

Some rental companies require a deposit of 50% or more to reserve your bounce house. This is refundable if you cancel your reservation before the day of the event. However, it is best to read the fine print as some companies will only refund your deposit if they are forced to cancel due to weather.

If you want to avoid a headache, ask the bounce house rental company if they have any experience handling weather cancellations. They may have a special policy that gives you a full refund or raincheck for your deposit. Alternatively, some companies will issue you a voucher for the amount paid that can be used for a future rental.

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