Finding a Pond Specialist Near Me

Pond specialists near me can often become murky and dirty. If left unchecked this can throw off the pond ecosystem and cause fish to stress out or even die. Mucky ponds also create an unpleasant odor, make it hard to see submerged plants and wildlife, and are a major turn-off for anyone visiting your home.

A pond specialist can help you maintain a healthy and beautiful backyard pond or water garden. They can help you troubleshoot problems, find solutions to issues and educate on the care of your pond. A pond specialist can provide you with all of the products you need to keep your water feature healthy and running smoothly.

The pond specialists at Acorn Ponds & Waterfalls offer expert pond maintenance in Pittsford, Webster, Penfield, Fairport (NY) & beyond in Western New York.

The Art of Pond Building: Exploring the Craft of The Pond Builders

Whether you want to install an ecosystem pond, or simply add a fountain or aeration unit, we can help! We can treat your pond for algae and other nuisance plants, repair leaks, install waterfalls, filters, heaters & fountains. We also provide complete pond renovation and expansion services.

Kim comes to The Pond Guy tribe with a diverse manufacturing, sales and customer service background. She has a servant-driven attitude and strives to go above and beyond for each of our customers. She enjoys helping customers find resolutions to their concerns and educating them on the best products for their pond and water garden needs. She is very excited to help customers plan out new pond builds, find lasting results and achieve their dream backyard pond!

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