Website Builders in 2023

website builders

website builders help average people create professional-looking websites without coding or other technical knowledge. These tools have a simple user interface where you can drag and drop elements to position them where you want them. You can also use templates for a pre-designed look and feel, letting you focus on content. They offer easy ways to get started and are generally affordable.

The best website builder for you depends on your budget and your goals for the site. You’ll want to choose a solution with a price that fits your needs and is billed on a subscription model so you can control the cost of your website over time. The best website builders also provide extensive stock images for your use, eliminating the need for a photographer or a graphic designer.

Data Security and Privacy Concerns with Website Builders: What You Need to Know

In 2023, we’ve seen most of the major providers increase their pricing, which is an understandable move given the current economy. Still, the majority of these providers offer plans that are reasonably priced compared to other options and many include ecommerce features as well.

One of our top picks, Wix, has a super easy drag-and-drop editor and uses artificial design intelligence to create the shell of your website for you. Its streamlined process makes it an excellent choice for first-time users and it’s also a top-rated solution for business owners looking to grow their presence online.

Our research shows that a quality website requires regular maintenance and updates. Make sure the website builder you choose includes essential tools that can help you keep your website up-to-date, like analytics reporting and e-commerce integration.

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