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A wide range of tools are available to help educators and students explore artificial intelligence, from adaptive software to virtual assistants. Generative technologies like ChatGPT are causing controversy, but they also present an opportunity to engage students in productive discussions about the potential risks and benefits of this new technology (healthy skepticism is encouraged).

Why is Amazon Alexa an example of AI?

This section provides Click Here for AI Resources for learning more about AI. Topics include the basics of AI, a primer on the differences between machine learning and deep learning, and an introduction to how these technologies work. It also offers strategies, insights and best practices for integrating these tools into curriculum.

AI can be used to make content creation easier, from generating ideas for articles and stories (such as Persado) to writing entire pieces of text based on user-defined parameters (ChatGPT). These tools can be useful for instructors who are looking for a little inspiration or who are working under tight deadlines.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Department of Homeland Security are developing standards and red-team testing processes to ensure that all AI systems are safe to use. The Trump administration is also expanding bilateral and multistakeholder engagements to promote international cooperation on AI safety.

Getting the data needed to train AI/ML models can be challenging. Prepackaged data may be an option, but it can be time-consuming to integrate into existing systems and often requires customizations. Automated methods of data harvesting, such as web scraping and APIs, can be a more efficient solution.